Broadcasting & Distribution

With many years of experience in event documentation and webinars, we help our customers to communicate internally and externally through webinars, corporate news, messages from CEO and turning events into a global live stream.

Case stories

Reference movies in which customer values are highlighted by the end customer for high credibility and authenticity. Our workflow is small, mobile & experienced film crews who can bring home interviews and footage of products, services & facilities from all over the world.

Launch movies

From script to finished production we work in close collaboration with our customers to create launch movies and technical presentations to increase sales and give a boost to the launch campaign. SiteSing has long experience of communicating customer values of complex products, systems or services.

Event documentation

We help our customers to strengthen their brand through event movies from all over the world such as trade fairs, customer days or conferences, to be shared on Youtube, social channels and the intranet. During trade fairs we can also edit movies on site to be published online each day during the trade fair which helps our customers to optimize their event investment by increasing their online presence during the event. Afterwards a highlight movie can be published driven by interviews from visitors & managers.

Corporate & brand movies

To increase awareness to the market and strengthen the proudness and confidence among the employees for any business or brand.

Trailer & teaser movies

Short trailer & teaser movies can be very effective in order to create extra buzz around upcoming products, invitations to events or extending the launch campaign with previews.

360 videos

A new way to present facilities, trade fair stands, products and services where the viewers can swipe around in full 360 degree or use VR headsets to look around in the 360 video. Presenter, data, video clips and technical presentations can be embedded in 360 as well. We are using Nokia OZO - the worlds first professional 360 camera with stereoscopic 3D. It also supports live broadcasting in 360 VR.

Behind the scenes

Internal corporate movies

In order to get the whole company understanding and support new strategies and goals, we produce internal movies in close collaboration with the CEO and the management team - from script to finished production.

Everyone in the organization get the same message at the same time. It's a fast and efficient way to communicate new strategies & energize the team to establish necessary changes for the company to stay competitive on a changing market.

Photo from a helicopter

Instruction & safety movies

We help our customers to replace maintenance manuals and service instructions to digital versions based on instructive animations and video clips. We also make safety movies which are used to inform visitors and employees about safety regulations in their facilities.

Security marker on the floor.


Please give us a call or send us a note. We look forward to discuss your ideas!

Jens Forsström Kristensen Jens Forsström Kristensen 
spexing in front of the camera.

Jens Forsström Kristensen


Marcus Ed Wrigsell Marcus Ed Wrigsell 
spexing in front of the camera.

Marcus Ed Wrigsell