3D animations are used in many of our productions for product & process visualization. 
Normally we receive 3D models as CAD files from our customers which come alive through animations and added textures, light and shadows. An added bonus with 3D visualization, it is possible to export high-res stills from any angle for use in both print and web.

Examples of our 3D work

Product launch movie - IRB 1100 and inverted Scara robots
ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor for Digital Powertrain
Technical visualization - FuelView 3D
ABB Body-in-White Car Body production
Technical visualization - FC Mold & OptiMold Monitor
Launch movie - ABB SCARA

Product movie - ABB StampPack
ABB Ability™ Connected Atomizer

Launch movie - ABB Smart Sensor
Product movie - ABB IRBT 2005 Track Motion

360 videos

A great way to present facilities, trade fair stands, products and services where the viewers can swipe around in full 360 degree or use VR headsets to look around in the 360 environment.
​​​​​​​Presenter, infographics, video clips and technical presentations can be embedded in 360 as well.

We are using Nokia OZO - the world's first professional 360 camera with stereoscopic 3D. 
It also supports live broadcasting in 360 VR.

360 Video - Västerås Sinfonietta


​​​​​​​Immersive experience through virtual tours, product presentations and e-learning. 

3D stills

bild2water editedbild6SmartSensor explosion editedspace editedbild4VR3Dgallone edited1IMG 2898


Please give us a call or send us a note. We look forward to discuss your ideas!
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daniel vanlig final
Daniel Andersson
CEO / Creative Director
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Jens Forsström Kristensen
Project Manager
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Marcus Ed Wrigsell
Audio, Video & VR Engineer
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