18 years of media production

With a genuine interest in our customers' business and success, we act as your close partner in every project. We're often thought of as co-workers by our customers and vice versa. 
We're entreprenours, driven, creative, experienced, young, professional, caring and full of ideas. 

We're located in the old metal factory in Kopparlunden, Vasteras, Sweden, approx. 1 hour by car from Stockholm, but we're global in reach. With partners around the globe and production experience
​​​​​​​in dozens of countries, no project is too complex and we're never far away from the next story. 

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"Meeting visionary people and helping them to communicate & tell their stories makes every day a fun and creative journey."

Daniel Andersson

CEO / Creative Director

Daniel started SiteSing in year 2000 after working with IT at phone company Telia.
With a passion for producing music, Daniel made radio commercials for SiteSing in the early days and used his IT experience to build web sites. A combination of those two early efforts are where the name SiteSing comes from.

After a bit of time the business shifted to seminar documentation that was subsequently published as webinars by streaming audio and PowerPoint slides - this was before online video was standardized. This opened the door to global customers within different industrial segments who recognized the benefit of rapid communication and knowledge sharing through seminars online. It didn't take long until video based webinars became SiteSing's main focus. Soon after this came dedicated filmmaking as video skyrocketed in popularity online.