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18 years of media production

With a genuine interest in our customers' business and success, we act as your close partner in every project. We're often thought of as co-workers by our customers and vice versa. 
We're entreprenours, driven, creative, experienced, young, professional, caring and full of ideas. 

We're located in the old metal factory in Kopparlunden, Vasteras, Sweden, approx. 1 hour by car from Stockholm, but we're global in reach. With partners around the globe and production experience
​​​​​​​in dozens of countries, no project is too complex and we're never far away from the next story. 

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daniel ploj final
"Meeting visionary people and helping them to communicate & tell their stories makes every day a fun and creative journey."

Daniel Andersson 

CEO / Creative Director
Daniel started SiteSing in year 2000 after working with IT at phone company Telia. With a passion for producing music, Daniel made radio commercials for SiteSing in the early days and used his IT experience to build web sites. A combination of those two early efforts are where the name SiteSing comes from.

After a bit of time the business shifted to seminar documentation that was subsequently published as webinars by streaming audio and PowerPoint slides - this was before online video was standardized. This opened the door to global customers within different industrial segments who recognized the benefit of rapid communication and knowledge sharing through seminars online. It didn't take long until video based webinars became SiteSing's main focus. Soon after this came dedicated filmmaking as video skyrocketed in popularity online. 
"It is a great privilege to be involved in and further developing the journey SiteSing has begun."

Tina Degerstedt

Production Manager
Born and raised in Stockholm and moved to Västerås 2008.
Leisure interests are family, dog, sports, reading books, gardening, cooking, and photography. Prior to SiteSing, she worked at ATEA Sweden as Consultant Manager and for more than 15 years she've had senior positions in the consulting- and IT industry as manager, project manager, business developer and consultant.
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jens ploj final
“We work as a unit with mutual goals and enjoy each other's success.”

Jens Forsström Kristensen 

Project Manager
Jens is a family man and he looks at life with joy. Challenges are what makes his life interesting, and he doesn’t think there is ever a problem without a solution.
His work is a large part of who he is - a way of life. A young Jens had two options,
the certain or uncertain road. He chose the uncertain path into the television industry. He stayed in that industry for 12 years, but when the years went by he wanted a change. He no longer wanted to be a lone wolf, he wanted to be a part of a group with great collaboration. For that reason he left his life as a freelancer and joined the SiteSing team.
andreas ploj final2andreas ploj final2
andreas ploj final2
“It's a creative and inspiring environment that I have the privilege to be a part of."

Andreas Dalström

Project Manager
A common denominator in Andreas’ life is traveling, from camping out in Europe as a child, to touring as a musician in a metal band, and now traveling through work.
​​​​​​​Andreas takes on new challenges and values experiences and personal development. He likes to read a good book, it does not matter if it is fiction or facts.
 Photography is very important to him, because it’s a way to document everyday life.
For Andreas, it all began in school, studying media where he learned photography, filmmaking, digital graphics and light/sound. Later on he studied programming
​​​​​​​and a year after that he became a part of SiteSing in its early stages.
tobias ploj final1tobias ploj final1
tobias ploj final
“SiteSing provides an incredible opportunity to be able to work with the things you enjoy the most."

Tobias Johansson 

Project Manager
SiteSing’s own curious George.  Tobias has the capability to find the interesting things in every story. He started out with a technical education but it didn’t take long before he realized that the monotonous tasks did not go well with his desire to create. He began working within the media industry with reality TV, as a photographer and as a media educator. He began studying marketing and financial control, thereafter he worked as a broadcasting technician, photographer, technical director and reporter at a news channel. When collecting all these experiences over the years he started his own business and continued with that for 10 years
​​​​​​​before he joined SiteSing.
johanna ploj final1johanna ploj final1
johanna ploj final
“We are a group of hardworking people with lots of joy and a driving force to perform the very best.”

Johanna Boldrup

Administration & Accounting
Johanna is a warm and empathetic person who brings joy and laughter all around. She likes to be surrounded by good order and keeps track of everyone at the office with a smile not far away. She gets her strength from nature and animals.
At first she started out working in a family business in trading but then she went on to work with agriculture for a few years before she once again returned to the family business. Thereafter she started working at an accounting firm, where she stayed for a few years, but one thing lead to another and she finally ended up at SiteSing.
gallone ploj final1gallone ploj final1
gallone ploj final
“SiteSing always thinks ahead and its people are not afraid of new techniques and challenges.”

Daniel Gallone 

3D & Animation Consultant
To create is his passion, no matter what it is, he likes to build things from scratch
​​​​​​​and see how they take shape - Everything from home renovations to design.
​​​​​​​Daniel grew up in Italy and enjoys cooking. He always pushes himself and has high personal standards when it comes to design.

Daniel painted a lot as a child, which led him to an art school with an interior, architecture and graphical design orientation. He continued his studies with graphic design in Rome. After his studies he moved to Sweden and started working with websites and design. During this time he was introduced to 3D and decided to learn more. 5 years later he started his own company and began a collaboration with SiteSing. ​​
angelica ploj finalangelica ploj final
angelica ploj final
"At SiteSing you do not only have one task, every day is different, with new challenges."

Angelica Borgstedt 

3D & Animation Artist
Thinking of life with a positive mind, Angelica is passionate and devoted about creating things. Not only 3D, she also likes to paint, write and sing. Everything around her is a source of inspiration.

She started out studying media with an orientation towards filmmaking, graphical communication and writing. The combination of graphic design and film led to an interest in 3D, which she studied at the university. Initially she was an intern at SiteSing, but after she finished her education she decided to stay. ​
marcus ploj final1marcus ploj final1
marcus ploj final
"SiteSing has all the talent in-house, together we are a collection of creators with unique areas of expertise."

Marcus Ed Wrigsell 

Audio & Video Engineer
Marcus is creative, with an extensive knowledge of technology.
​​​​​​​With his solution-oriented enthusiasm he makes it his mission to dig into new challenges that come in his way.
Marcus started out with focus on art and aesthetics, but always had a big passion for technology. He started working as a studio-engineer with sound, as well as touring, where he also had different roles within lighting and sound design. With his interest of both art and technology, he started his own business where he did a little bit of everything, for instance websites, video and photography work. This path lead Marcus to SiteSing.
eric ploj finaleric ploj final
eric ploj final
“SiteSing is a place where you are allowed to express your ideas, a creative outlet.”

Eric Nyberg

Media Producer
Eric is interested with the many forms of creativity, such as music, film and photography. He also likes to travel but he doesn't like the winter.

He started out taking photos of different bands and concerts. The combination of his interest in music and photography lead him to buying a video camera and he started making music videos. He came in contact with SiteSing early on and has worked here ever since.
mans ploj final1mans ploj final1
mans ploj final
“SiteSing is a combination of a place of work and a possibility to fulfill your needs of being creative.”

Måns Nyström 

Media Producer & Technician
Måns is an energetic, outgoing person, who always strives for perfection and seeks to collect as much experience as possible - always continuing to grow in his field.
His dream project is to make a documentary of an unusual and interesting culture, where he travels for a longer period of time to learn and truly experience that culture.  
He began studying music, but at the same time he and his friends started their own filmmaking business. This lead to a temporary position at SiteSing which became an open-armed permanent one.
robert ploj final3robert ploj final3
robert ploj final
“Everyone contributes and helps each other to create a great product.”

Robert Reinholdsson 

Cinematographer / Editor
Born and raised in the north of Sweden and a father of four. His big interest is photography and he likes an bustling environment and has, among other things, done the Vasalopp by bike and enjoyed hang gliding in his youth.
He started out as an electrician and went on to work as a youth recreation leader, where he had his first contact with filmmaking. He went on to study, targeting the television industry, and moved to Vasteras. He began to work with Swedish Television ​​​​​as a photographer, editor and reporter for sports and entertainment.
​​​​​​​He stayed there for 20 years before moving on to SiteSing.​​​​​​​